Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's take this back to day 157 last Tuesday, Luc woke fairly nauseated, didn't want to get out of bed but had the teacher arriving at 0900. Luc put in a full day of home school and then at 1500 basically called it a day. On Wednesday he was back into VGH for more Erwinia in the morning and then more home school in the afternoon. On Thursday he woke really nauseated and not wanting any school, however reverted back to the attitude that has kept him going all through this, "Let's get er done" " I want to finish grade nine". By Friday he was pretty much spent, the Dx. gave him extra antinauseants prior to his Erwinia and by the time we got out of VGH at 1240hrs. Luc was actually a little hungry and accompanied Dana and I to Original Joe's, as we had arranged to take my mother out for an early Mother's Day lunch at 1300 that afternoon.  Luc didn't eat a lot but did manage to stay fairly good until about 2000hrs. that night and was up and down from that point on through the weekend.

Luc and Dana returned to Ronald McDonald house on Sunday afternoon, by early this morning Luc's nausea finally took the best of him and was vomiting a fair bit. This continued through until they got into BCCH for Luc's tests and treatments this morning, they had to give Luc i.v. antinauseants in order to control things prior to the Lumbar puncture. This delayed things a bit this morning, LP was done around 1100hrs, sample sent to lab, Methaltrexate given through the LP. Luc then rested flat out for one hour and due to delays his Echocardiogram was bumped back so they gave the rest of the iv Chemo drugs through his VAD and he finally had the ECHO around 1500hrs. Luc is back at RMHBC now and hopefully getting some much needed rest. Dana too can use a little rest tonight, it sounds like it has been a very long day for them. Hopefully they will be able to return home to Victoria some time tomorrow and then continue here with treatments on Wednesday.

A special thanks to CRD Bylaw Enforcement, CUPE LOCAL 1978 for your much needed and appreciated support.


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