Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Luc!

Happy 16th Birthday Luc!!!  And Congratulations on all your hard work achieving straight "A's" this term!!  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Luc Graduates Grade 9!

Luc arriving at his Grade 9 leaving dinner & dance at Olympic View Golf & Country Club last night. He had a blast with all the friends and teachers that he has/hasn't seen in almost 7 months.

Congratulations Luc!  You accomplished another goal of finishing with your class!

Weekly Luc Update - Day 184 - 31 May 2011

Luc has been doing fairly well over the last week, periodic headaches and nausea. Over all, even with low energy levels he has managed to function very well, he squeezed in as much schooling as teaching time allowed last week. By Thursday afternoon he was feeling well enough to go to Vancouver on Friday for Tristan's Fastball tournament in Richmond. I had originally been preparing for Noah and I to stay home with him in case he wasn't well enough, so this revelation was great news for Tristan and Dana that we would be there as a family. That same Thursday night as I was about to send out an email, Captain Michel Chaisson from Air Canada emailed enquiring how Luc was doing. I emailed him back and long and short of it, he flew back from Shanghai on Friday and had us at Air Canada's Vancouver Airport Flight Simulator on the Saturday Afternoon.

Luc, Noah and myself met Michel, we got the tour of the center and then all three of us got the opportunity to do two take offs, one auto-pilot landing and one manual landing each in the Boeing 767 Full motion Flight Simulator that Air Canada Pilots use. As a bonus, we were also able to get in the Airbus A 330 Simulator as well, the entire experience was the most amazing experience for all three of us. A huge Thank you to Capt. Chaisson, Air Canada and Ronald McDonald House (who thought so highly of us to pass this experience onto us) all of you made such a lasting memory for us.

We still managed to see two of Tristan's games and Dana was at all four, it was a fantastic weekend for all five of us until Sunday morning when Noah woke sick. Upon arrival back in Victoria Dana took Noah to the clinic and he has been isolated to his bedroom since awaiting test results to come back. We received Luc's full 64 day treatment schedule today that starts on the 8th, definitely an interesting two months coming up, should be interesting to say the least.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for continuing to follow along on Luc's journey and all of the prayers and support, we truly appreciate everything.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 24th, 2011 - Weekly Luc Update

Last Wednesday Luc received his last doses of Methaltrexate and Vincristine for the Re-Intensification protocol in his treatment, he now has a two week break from injectable chemotherapy. He still has his oral drugs to take, but without the injections he will hopefully be able to build his system up enough for the Intensified round that starts on the 8th of June. Luc has had very little energy since last Wednesday, we went camping as a family at Rondalyn for the Victoria Day long weekend. Luc rarely left our site due to low energy, found himself nauseated a few times and a number of headaches.However even with all that he really enjoyed sitting around the camp fire and visiting with friends, family and many others that stopped by our site over the weekend.

Upon arriving back home this afternoon, Luc had a fairly significant bout of Left nostril epistaxis (nose bleed), fortunately with ice, positioning and pressure it only lasted ten minutes. He has remained very low key since and has chosen to just stay relaxed in his room since. This week Luc has a fair bit of schooling lined up in hopes of finishing his required grade nine courses before the end of June, knowing what is coming in June treatment wise he is really anxious to get as much done before the 8th as he can.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's go back in time once again, all the way back to the night of Day 163 (last Monday). Luc had a really rough night at RMHBC, by Tuesday morning he was slightly better, we were informed that Luc's re-intensification has helped and Luc will finish this protocol on Wednesday of this week. I will get to the next round further along in this email. Tuesday afternoon they caught the ferry back to Victoria, Luc survived the trip and pretty much paid for it the next 48 hours after that and has been up and down everyday since. Luc had hoped to make it to the Dunsmuir Carnival last Thursday night but was incredibly sick that night, so I stayed home with him while Dana, Tristan and Noah went and represented the family. Tristan and Curtis performed a few musical numbers for the crowd, Dana cut Bill ( Luc's former bus driver ) and Josh Yate's hair which was a fund raiser for our family. Thank you Josh and Bill and everyone else, we truly appreciate everything everyone have been doing. So after this Wednesday's next increased dosages of Methaltrexate and Vincristine, Luc will have two weeks to build his counts and reserves back up. He will start a 64 day Intensified protocol starting on Wednesday June 8th, this will incorporate all of the chemotherapy drugs that he has had so far plus three additional ones. All of these drugs will have weekly increases in dosages, some are oral and most are I.V. administered. The majority of these drug increases are count dependant, which will mean that we could have multiple delays in this 64 day protocol which should end on August 10th, if delayed it could potentially go into September. It all depends on how Luc's body handles all of this coming round. I had my Superintendent over for coffee last week and discussed my return to work in order to get my pay cheques back to some what normal. Grant is willing to let me shuffle some holiday times around in order to be home at points during this next 2 1/2 months as well as let me return to work on June 7th, which is the day Luc and Dana ( possibly Noah as well ) will return to RMHBC for the start on the 8th at BCCH. I will be emailing once more this week a very special "Cops for Cancer" link, Cst. Rod Fraser, Westshore RCMP ( close family friend) is on this years "Tour de Rock" team and is riding on behalf of Luc. We are all very proud of Rod making the Team and very honored that he is riding on behalf of Luc and all Children battling Cancer.

For Rod's personal Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock fundraising page please click here


Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's take this back to day 157 last Tuesday, Luc woke fairly nauseated, didn't want to get out of bed but had the teacher arriving at 0900. Luc put in a full day of home school and then at 1500 basically called it a day. On Wednesday he was back into VGH for more Erwinia in the morning and then more home school in the afternoon. On Thursday he woke really nauseated and not wanting any school, however reverted back to the attitude that has kept him going all through this, "Let's get er done" " I want to finish grade nine". By Friday he was pretty much spent, the Dx. gave him extra antinauseants prior to his Erwinia and by the time we got out of VGH at 1240hrs. Luc was actually a little hungry and accompanied Dana and I to Original Joe's, as we had arranged to take my mother out for an early Mother's Day lunch at 1300 that afternoon.  Luc didn't eat a lot but did manage to stay fairly good until about 2000hrs. that night and was up and down from that point on through the weekend.

Luc and Dana returned to Ronald McDonald house on Sunday afternoon, by early this morning Luc's nausea finally took the best of him and was vomiting a fair bit. This continued through until they got into BCCH for Luc's tests and treatments this morning, they had to give Luc i.v. antinauseants in order to control things prior to the Lumbar puncture. This delayed things a bit this morning, LP was done around 1100hrs, sample sent to lab, Methaltrexate given through the LP. Luc then rested flat out for one hour and due to delays his Echocardiogram was bumped back so they gave the rest of the iv Chemo drugs through his VAD and he finally had the ECHO around 1500hrs. Luc is back at RMHBC now and hopefully getting some much needed rest. Dana too can use a little rest tonight, it sounds like it has been a very long day for them. Hopefully they will be able to return home to Victoria some time tomorrow and then continue here with treatments on Wednesday.

A special thanks to CRD Bylaw Enforcement, CUPE LOCAL 1978 for your much needed and appreciated support.


McHappy Day! May 11th, 2011

Luc volunteering for McHappy Day at McDonalds benefiting Ronald McDonald House BC