Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's go back in time once again, all the way back to the night of Day 163 (last Monday). Luc had a really rough night at RMHBC, by Tuesday morning he was slightly better, we were informed that Luc's re-intensification has helped and Luc will finish this protocol on Wednesday of this week. I will get to the next round further along in this email. Tuesday afternoon they caught the ferry back to Victoria, Luc survived the trip and pretty much paid for it the next 48 hours after that and has been up and down everyday since. Luc had hoped to make it to the Dunsmuir Carnival last Thursday night but was incredibly sick that night, so I stayed home with him while Dana, Tristan and Noah went and represented the family. Tristan and Curtis performed a few musical numbers for the crowd, Dana cut Bill ( Luc's former bus driver ) and Josh Yate's hair which was a fund raiser for our family. Thank you Josh and Bill and everyone else, we truly appreciate everything everyone have been doing. So after this Wednesday's next increased dosages of Methaltrexate and Vincristine, Luc will have two weeks to build his counts and reserves back up. He will start a 64 day Intensified protocol starting on Wednesday June 8th, this will incorporate all of the chemotherapy drugs that he has had so far plus three additional ones. All of these drugs will have weekly increases in dosages, some are oral and most are I.V. administered. The majority of these drug increases are count dependant, which will mean that we could have multiple delays in this 64 day protocol which should end on August 10th, if delayed it could potentially go into September. It all depends on how Luc's body handles all of this coming round. I had my Superintendent over for coffee last week and discussed my return to work in order to get my pay cheques back to some what normal. Grant is willing to let me shuffle some holiday times around in order to be home at points during this next 2 1/2 months as well as let me return to work on June 7th, which is the day Luc and Dana ( possibly Noah as well ) will return to RMHBC for the start on the 8th at BCCH. I will be emailing once more this week a very special "Cops for Cancer" link, Cst. Rod Fraser, Westshore RCMP ( close family friend) is on this years "Tour de Rock" team and is riding on behalf of Luc. We are all very proud of Rod making the Team and very honored that he is riding on behalf of Luc and all Children battling Cancer.

For Rod's personal Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock fundraising page please click here


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