Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 24th, 2011 - Weekly Luc Update

Last Wednesday Luc received his last doses of Methaltrexate and Vincristine for the Re-Intensification protocol in his treatment, he now has a two week break from injectable chemotherapy. He still has his oral drugs to take, but without the injections he will hopefully be able to build his system up enough for the Intensified round that starts on the 8th of June. Luc has had very little energy since last Wednesday, we went camping as a family at Rondalyn for the Victoria Day long weekend. Luc rarely left our site due to low energy, found himself nauseated a few times and a number of headaches.However even with all that he really enjoyed sitting around the camp fire and visiting with friends, family and many others that stopped by our site over the weekend.

Upon arriving back home this afternoon, Luc had a fairly significant bout of Left nostril epistaxis (nose bleed), fortunately with ice, positioning and pressure it only lasted ten minutes. He has remained very low key since and has chosen to just stay relaxed in his room since. This week Luc has a fair bit of schooling lined up in hopes of finishing his required grade nine courses before the end of June, knowing what is coming in June treatment wise he is really anxious to get as much done before the 8th as he can.

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